Gruv Gear Introduces the John Patitucci Signature Strap

Gruv Gear John Patitucci Signature StrapGruv Gear has expanded its line of signature straps by introducing a new model with John Patitucci. Designed with music industry and bass health specialist Dr. Randall Kertz, the strap combines classic and modern features.

“The new John Patitucci Signature Strap is a proven combination of superior, supple leather with a comfortable, double-layered neoprene underside,” they write. “The strap molds to the wearer offering unmatched comfort for the longest sessions or live performances. The handsome 3” wide strap incorporates Gruv Gear’s proprietary length adjustment system and is proudly finished with the Patitucci name.”

The Gruv Gear John Patitucci Signature Strap will be available in April or May with a price point of $99.99.

Gruv Gear John Patitucci Signature Strap Features:

Leather Exterior
Double-layered Neoprene Underside
3″ Wide Strap
Proprietary Length Adjustment System

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