Ariane Cap Offers Free Webinar on How to Teach Music Online

Ariane Cap

Photo by Tue Nam Ton

With the global pandemic affecting our livelihoods, musicians are figuring out ways to continue their work while practicing social distancing. Many are looking to teach online lessons, but there’s a learning curve to overcome. Bassist, educator, and No Treble contributor Ariane Cap is here to help with a free webinar on “How to Teach Music Online” scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th at 12pm Pacific Time.

“Many of my musician friends and colleagues are in dire straights right now because of gig cancellations and school closures. I understand the sentiment – I lost several awesome camps and gigs I had been looking forward to myself (Bass Boot Camp got rescheduled, Women’s Camp at the CJC was canceled, a great gig with Hiromi Oba at SF Jazz not happening…),” she writes. “But I am completely and fully set up online and have been for years so I can make a few quick and easy adjustments to weather this storm! I am getting lots of questions, so I am offering a free one-time-only webinar to help you quickly right now. If you need urgent help to move your teaching business online and want to hear some of the most important things I have discovered or developed to make this work, join me for this webinar.”

The webinar will cover the most important adjustments you need to make to teach online, how to help students practice consistently from afar, how to keep cancellations to a minimum, a list of online tools for music education, and more. There will also be time for a Q&A in the program.

“One webinar is not nearly enough time to convey all that I have learned, but I can help you get started!” Cap adds. “Many are forced to move into the online space right now. I am happy to help! This is free.”

To sign up for Cap’s free webinar, register via her website.

All of us here at No Treble HQ are deeply concerned about the livelihood of our friends and readers. We’re looking to help. See this note from our founder, Corey Brown, for more.

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