Ashdown Engineering Announces OriginAL-500H Bass Amp

Ashdown Engineering OrignAL-500H

Ashdown Engineering has pumped up its OriginAL series of amps with the new OriginAL-500H, a 500-watt head that is the same size as its 300-watt predecessor. The lightweight amp also has the same streamlined interface for bassists.

“Perfect for the bassist who wants the convenience of a highly portable bass amp with straightforward but powerful tonal control,” Ashdown writes. “At less than 2.5kg/7lbs the OriginAL-500H makes transportation a breeze. And then dialing in your tone is even easier. The 5-band EQ boasts intuitive control for bass, middle, and treble, as well as hi- and lo-mid knobs allowing you to dial in your perfect bass tone in seconds.”

Other features include a front-facing effects loop and XLR DI output, an active/passive input switch, and – of course – the Ashdown VU meter. It will be available soon with a price point of $465.

Ashdown Engineering OrignAL-500H Bass Amp Specs:

Power Output:500 Watts
Power Requirement:115-230 Volts
Speaker Outputs:2 x Jack outputs
High Instrument Input:Impedance 3.9m Ohms, input range 150mV - 20mV p-p
Low Instrument Input:Impedance - 1M ohms Input range 150mv to 10v p - p
Line Input:Impedance 10k Ohms, input range 300mV - 40V p-p
DI Output:600 Ohm balanced / Level -20dBu nominal
Impedance:Minimum 4 Ohm
Signal to noise:Better than 80dB (EQ flat)
EQ:Bass +/-15dB @ 100Hz Lo Mid +/-15dB @ 220Hz Middle +/-15dB @ 660Hz Hi Mid +/-15dB @ 1.6kHz Treble +/-15dB @ 7kHz
Effects Send:impedance 22k Ohm / Level 0dBu nominal
Effects Return:impedance 22k Ohm / Level 0dBu nominal
Weight (kg/lbs):2.5/7
Dimensions(WxDxH):225mm x 180mm x 78mm

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