Kovaluu Introduces Beats and Loops App with “Virtual Pedal”

Kovaluu Beats and Loops App

A new musical app company called Kovaluu has just released its first smartphone app called Beats and Loops, which combines a drum machine with a looper. Most interesting is its “virtual pedal” feature, which allows you to trigger the drum machine and loops with your foot.

“The ‘virtual pedal’ is used by placing the phone on the floor and swinging your foot a few inches above the display,” the company writes. It does so by utilizing your phone’s proximity sensor that is ordinarily used to disable the phone screen when you hold it up to your ear during calls. “You don’t need to physically touch the phone. You can start and stop songs, trigger drum fills, switch song parts, and record loops – all while having your hands free to play music.”

The drum machine includes 50 beats with A and B parts as well as fills. It comes with an acoustic drum kit sound, a Cajon kit, and a metronome. The looper can be used with just the microphone, allowing for a quick and easy session. “You don’t need any additional recording equipment, but to avoid feedback the phone needs to be connected to an external speaker, such as headphones, Bluetooth speaker, or AUX input of a guitar amplifier,” they add. “The app also features built-in feedback cancellation to prevent the drum track from leaking into the recorded tracks.”

Beats and Loops is available now on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for $3.99.

Beats and Loops Features:

“Virtual pedal” mode allows you to use the app hands-free
Drum machine with fills and A/B parts
Over 50 presets for the drum machine
Tap tempo
Program new kick drum pattern
Acoustic, Cajon and metronome sounds
Looper with unlimited overdubs
Chromatic tuner
MIDI and external audio interface connectivity

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