Bass & Creativity: Harmonic Sequences

Please help us welcome our newest contributor, Olivier Babaz! Olivier kicks off his new “Bass & Creativity” lesson series today.

In this video lesson, we’ll practice and explore the harmonic possibilities of combining bass playing with one or two top notes. Follow along, or jump to a certain example with the given time stamps.

0:42: Integrating a G harmonic top note in a riff over each one of the 12 semitones. The interval between the bass and top note is guiding the choice of mode, laying the ground in which each riff is built.

3:37: Integrating an F top note played on the keyboard over each of the 12 semitones. Multiple modal choices are possible to build the riffs.

6:50: Example of adding a moving middle voice between 2 different bass notes and one top note.

7:50: Integrating the F top note and adding a middle voice for each of the 12 semitones.

Do not hesitate to explore different possibilities and practice other kinds of harmonic sequences.

See you soon for the next Bass & Creativity episode!

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