Gergo Borlai’s “The Missing Song” Features Amazing Bass Lineup

Gergo Borlai: The Missing SongDrummer Gergo Borlai has just released his new album, The Missing Song, which serves as a tribute to all the influential drummers that have inspired him. As such, each song is named after a drummer.

“It’s my personal tribute of 9 living US drummers I love the most. During the drum recording I was trying to summon them in some special ways,” he writes. “Also the songs I composed are imagined ‘missing’ songs from the era I like from them the most. I was setting up the drums how they are/were using. I tuned up how they did. Every song has a different setup, different cymbals, different tune, different positions, different sticks. I never did things like this before and I’m not planning to do again.”

Although it seems to be drum-centric, Borlai is joined by an unbelievable cast of bassists for the record. He tapped Stu Hamm, Gary Willis, Hadrien Feraud, Jimmy Haslip, Anton Davidyants, Jimmy Earl, Pete Griffin, Anthony Crawford, and Romain Labaye. Each song has a different bassist to give a the album a wider palette.

The Missing Song is available now as a digital download through iTunes and Amazon MP3.

The Missing Song Track List:

  1. Billy
  2. Gary
  3. Dennis
  4. Keith
  5. Steve
  6. Kirk
  7. Peter
  8. Terry (Hungarian Easy Teenage Version)
  9. Vinnie

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  1. Craig Hansen

    Such a beast of a drummer!