Rare Earth Music Announces Earthboard EBII Pedalboard

Rare Earth Music Earthboard EBII PedalboardRare Earth Music has expanded their line of pedalboard systems with the EBII, which continues the series with a patented magnetic rail system into the board and an integrated power supply. The new board adds several new features.

“Earthboard EBII takes simplicity and flexibility to the next level.” said Kym, adding “The following newly standardized integrated features support our mission of being unique and focused on solving real problems for pedal users.“

That includes a lighter docking station, built-in cross-board patch cables, and multiple I/O jacks to allow power to and from the board. The jacks allows you to use AC power if you want, power a separate larger pedal, connect other Earthboards to expand your setup, or move the battery off the board to free up space. It also includes the company’s new 10-foot long 3A AC power adapter complete with automatic circuit protection and reset.

The Earthboard II is available now for $470.

Rare Earth Music Earthboard EBII Pedalboard Features:

EARTHBOARD pedalboard docking station
2 Gravity Boots, which use magnets to attach the pedals to the docking station rails
2 Gravity Boot Tethers. These are the cables that are used to power your effect pedals.
1 long lasting rechargeable battery
1 Battery Tether, which is the cable that connects battery power to the EARTHBOARD.
1 3Amp AC power adapter (Power Station) with long cord to give you flexibility if you forget to charge your battery or have access to clean AC power.
Blue LED lights built in.
Battery Port input jack that allows you to power the board while sitting next to the board. (Note: you can also power the EARTHBOARD using a Gravity Boot.)
2 Power port input/output jacks to give you 3 options: 1. Power the EBII with your AC adapter instead of the battery. 2. Using a lifeline cable (sold separately) to power a floor pedal. 3. Connect another EARTHBOARD.
One 3' LifeLine cable. The LifeLine cable is used to power a pedal on the floor from the EARTHBOARD. It can also be used to connect 2 EARTHBOARDS together and be powered from one battery or one AC adapter.

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