Leonid & Friends: East River

While we first learned of Leonid Vorobyev and his band, Leonid & Friends, by their incredible Chicago covers, they’ve done a handful of others (at the same high level they’ve become known for).

Now they’re taking on The Brecker Brothers’ 1979 hit, “East River,” in their latest video.

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  1. Guy

    Has anyone had troubles with a dead spot on a neck-thru bass? I have a walnut peavey cirrus that has a few dead spots on the D string at the 9th, 10th and 11th fret. I have read about the bolt-on neck issues being solved by using fatfinger clamped on the headstock, never heard off or had a problem with any nech-thru bass before.

  2. Debbie lepski

    I think they are the greatest band ever.keep doing what u are doing,you make so many people with your music