Áron Hodek: “Levitating” Play-Through

My first experience seeing Áron Hodek play was at a Winter NAMM Show. I heard him first, and his playing made me look around to see who it was. When I spotted him, I was even more stunned. At just 8 years old, Áron was laying it down as well as anyone I’d heard.

I’ve followed him ever since.

Here’s a great clip of Áron (now 9), grooving hard in this play-through of Dua Lipa’s “Levitating.”

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  1. Vernon J. Wilkins Jr.

    Wow!!! This little boy has put my bass playing to shame! He is absolutely phenomenal, the future of bassists. Truly gifted, and great job by the parents as well.

    • MikeyM.

      And I’m sure that you are totally right Vernon… his parents should get a pat on the back too.

  2. MikeyM.

    Uh… this young man is going to be a MONSTER on bass! His timing and groove are spot-on! Excellent job Aron (insert two thumbs up emojis)

  3. Peter Michael Forstner

    This little dude is AWESOME … He is meant to be playing the bass !!!

  4. MARK B.

    cool !!!!

  5. Kevin L Floyd

    That was fantastic! He’s got the fire!