Bootsy Collins’ “The Power of the One” Now Available

Bootsy Collins: The Power of the OneEver since his time with James Brown, funk master Bootsy Collins has spent his career keeping it on “The One.” Now the bassist has released a new star-studded album called The Power of The One that takes the musical concept of emphasizing the downbeat and expands on it.

Collins was joined by Snoop Dogg, Branford Marsalis, Dr. Cornel West, Ellis Hall, Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, and Emmaline. The record also has three fellow bassists with Christian McBride, Larry Graham, and Victor Wooten contributing lines. Together they create grooves that the Collins hopes can bring people together.

“It’s really about us getting along and getting together while we’re here,” he told “This is the opportunity for us. It’s just like this album. This album was the opportunity to put all these beautiful people together that are not necessarily supposed to be together on a record. I’m just crazy enough to believe that if we can do it on an album, we can certainly do this in a world like we have today.”

Hear the bass legend lay it down on the track “Jam On” featuring Snoop Dogg and Taz:

The Power of the One is available now on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Power of the One Track List:

  1. Funk Formula 1
  2. The Power of The One
  3. Slide Easy
  4. Creepin’
  5. Jam On
  6. Lips Turn Blue
  7. Funkship Area-51
  8. Bewise
  9. Soul Not 4 Sale
  10. Club Funkateers
  11. WantMe2Stay
  12. Funktropolis
  13. Wishing Well
  14. Bootsy Off Broadway
  15. Stargate
  16. Stolen Dreams

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  1. Marcelo Yakko

    the best notice of 2020! thanks bootsy!

  2. zeprin

    Bootsy ALWAYS makes me smile!