Absurdcus Releases “Spaces_io (volume 1)”

Absurdcus: Spaces_io (volume 1)Laszlo Demeter has released his fourth album under his bass-centric project, Absurdcus. Created with only basses, Spaces_io (volume 1) features nine tracks of what the artist calls “basscapology” for its ability to help you escape the confines of your room during lockdown.

“Lately it has become increasingly difficult for me to write any music, I felt nothing I wrote was good enough, I needed to raise the bar with every note,” he shares. “Every chord progression needed to be something one wouldn’t expect, every melody innovative, every beat unheard of. And that basically stopped me in my tracks, the joy of writing was slipping through the cracks. This record is the opposite of that, it’s a reminder of why I started playing music in the first place. It was not so I could swing a psychic bat at my head for not coming up with the most original basslines. It was not because I had something very important to say and felt other people should hear it, too. It was because it was easier to pour emotions into sounds than into words. And learn along the way.”

All the sounds on the record were created with electric, acoustic, and electric upright basses. Demeter builds up each piece with textures that wash over you, then he brings it down to an intimate, whispering melody. It’s a prime example of how you can use bass instruments to create beautiful sonic atmospheres.

Spaces_io (volume 1) is available now as a digital download via Bandcamp (for free/pay what you want), iTunes, and Amazon MP3. You can also stream it on Youtube.

Spaces_io (volume 1) Track List:

  1. Raum
  2. All in the Same
  3. Ima
  4. Lost in Monologue
  5. Come, Gather Round
  6. Inklings
  7. Acordar
  8. The Machine Stops Eventually
  9. We’ve Come A Long Way and Still It Never Ends

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  1. Jonil Hollopainen

    Laszlo Demeter is an awesome bass player.