Ben Jones: Minneapolis 1987

My good friend Ben Jones posted this clip a few days ago and I couldn’t resist sharing it! In this clip, we hear Ben cover the great Brian Bromberg classic, “Minneapolis 1987“.

Playing on a Bromberg Signature from Carvin, Ben locks in the groove and tone in this one!! I am a huge Bromberg fan and this is excellent work! Be sure to stay up with him on his YouTube channel for more BASS!!!


Joshua Sailor is a session bassist, producer and engineer on the West Coast. Currently working with Cloud Microphones on the "Get Lifted" Web Series, showcasing how to use Cloudlifters in studio, live and podcasting situations. You can contact him at [email protected].

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  1. MikeyM.

    Niece!! This is some good stuff right here. I believe the first time that I ever heard BB was on Bass Player (magazine) Anniversary CD. The tune was Fooled Ya… man my just jaw dropped on that one. Such a killer bassist, and Mr. Jones is doing a fantastic job on this cover/play-through. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Randy

    Very good. I have those same pickups on a 2013 Carvin Icon 5. Nothing better.

  3. Mark B

    cool !!! his guy looks so calm