Death From Above 1979’s “Is 4 Lovers” Available Now

Death From Above 1979: Is 4 LoversDeath From Above 1979 has dropped their fourth studio album, entitled Is 4 Lovers. The duo of bassist Jesse F. Keeler and drummer Sebastien Grainger widened their palette for the record, which they say is more “fun” than 2017’s Outrage! Is Now.

Keeler’s bass still provides an enormous wall of sound to fill out the music’s harmonic structures, but the grooves are a different flavor from their previous work. That’s totally fitting, he says.

“The fact is that we’ve been around for so long and when we started we were the only ones doing what we were doing, and now the format that we created has been adopted by many and sort of taken in easy directions or obvious directions,” he states. “So the onus on us, I think, is to show that the format can be more than what we’ve made it previously, that we’re not trapped stylistically. Mainly just to challenge ourselves. We don’t want to just keep doing the same thing. Then it wouldn’t be fun anymore.”

Check out the driving and danceable “One + One”:

Is 4 Lovers is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Is 4 Lovers Track List:

  1. Modern Guy
  2. One + One
  3. Free Animal
  4. N.Y.C. Power Elite Part I
  5. N.Y.C. Power Elite Part II
  6. Totally Wiped Out
  7. Glass Homes
  8. Love Letter
  9. Mean Streets
  10. No War

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