Dee Gees (Foo Fighters): You Should Be Dancing

The Foo Fighters have morphed into the Dee Gees, and a new album is coming. Hail Satin will be available on vinyl on July 17th through Record Store Day 2021 and features five covers (4 by the Bee Gees and one by Andy Gibb), on the A-side and five live versions of songs from the Foo Fighters’ 2021 album Medicine at Midnight on its B-side.

After performing the Bee Gees’ tune, “You Should Be Dancing” at Madison Square Garden last month, the newly named band is giving us a taste for what’s to come with this new video. The band, which includes Nate Mendel on bass, sure looks to be having fun with this!

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  1. Joshua Sailor

    DUDE!! SICK!!

  2. ana_arcana

    I LOVE IT !!! Foo Fighters are so talented and I love their appreciation for other music genre’s and music history. I was 8 when Bee Gee’s released this song and in love with Andy Gibb for my entire youth. I am very much looking forward to this album!