Way Huge Introduces the STO Overdrive Pedal

Way Huge Electronics STO Overdrive PedalWay Huge has announced the STO, an overdrive pedal inspired by the “purr of a freshly tuned-up muscle car.” The circuit is based on the Nobels ODR-1 that is revered among Nashville recording studios.

“The Way Huge STO’s simple three-knob setup offers just about the fastest and easiest ride to overdriven paradise,” the company writes. “The Drive knob deserves special recognition—its range is wide and responsive and makes it sound like your amp is breaking up of its own natural accord but without any more volume than you need.”

The Way Huge STO is a special batch run that’s available now for $149.99.

Way Huge Electronics STO Overdrive Pedal Features:

A Nashville honky-tonk staple reimagined by Jeorge Tripps
Silky smooth break up with a gradual transition from clean to dirty
Mild midrange bump preserves the fundamental sound of your rig
Special batch run available

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