Geezer Butler Releases Full Solo Discography and “Best Of” Album

Geezer Butler: Manipulations of the Mind - The Full Collection

Geezer Butler’s full solo discography has been re-released as a box set called Manipulations of the Mind – The Full Collection. That includes 1995’s Plastic Planet, 1997’s Black Science, and 2005’s Ohmwork. It also has a bonus disc of rare and unreleased material.

“The 4th bonus disc is a treasure trove of unreleased demos, studio outtakes, single edits, and three live tracks captured at the Majestic Theatre, Detroit, MI, February 1996, alongside the song ‘Beach Skeleton’, only previously heard on the Japanese edition of ‘Black Science’” Butler’s website explains.

Geezer Butler: The Very Best of Geezer ButlerFor those who are looking for a condensed version of his work, Butler has also released The Very Best of Geezer Butler, which features select tracks from his three albums.

Manipulations of the Mind – The Full Collection and The Very Best of Geezer Butler are available now on CD.

Manipulations Of The Mind – The Complete Collection Track List:

CD1 – Plastic Planet:

  1. Catatonic Eclipse
  2. Drive Boy, Shooting
  3. Giving Up The Ghost
  4. Plastic Planet
  5. The Invisible
  6. Séance Fiction
  7. House Of Clouds
  8. Detective 27
  9. X13
  10. Sci-Clone
  11. Cycle Of Sixty

CD2 – Black Science:

  1. Man In A Suitcase
  2. Box Of Six
  3. Mysterons
  4. Justified
  5. Department S
  6. Area Code 51
  7. Has To Be
  8. Number 5
  9. Among The Cybermen
  10. Unspeakable Elvis
  11. Xodiak
  12. Northern Wisdom
  13. Trinity Road

CD3 – Ohmwork:

  1. Misfit
  2. Pardon My Depression
  3. Prisoner 103
  4. I Believe
  5. Aural Sects
  6. Pseudocide
  7. Pull The String
  8. Alone
  9. Dogs Of Whore
  10. Don’t You Know

CD4 – Bonus:

  1. Pseudocide (No Intro)
  2. Prisoner 103 (Demo)
  3. The Invisible (Instrumental)
  4. Area Code 51 (Demo)
  5. Cycle Of Sixty (Radio Mix)
  6. X13 (Radio Mix)
  7. Northern Wisdom (Demo)
  8. Beach Skeleton (Japanese Version)
  9. Pardon My Depression (Alt Take)
  10. Misfit (Rough Mix)
  11. I Believe (Demo)
  12. Four Feathers Fall (Demo)
  13. Drive Boy, Shooting (Live)
  14. Detective 27 (Live)
  15. House Of Clouds (Live)

The Very Best Of Geezer Butler Track List:

  1. Drive Boy, Shooting
  2. Man In A Suitcase
  3. Misfit
  4. The Invisible
  5. Box Of Six
  6. Pardon My Depression 7. House Of Cards
  7. Mysterons
  8. Aural Sects
  9. Detective 27
  10. Number 5
  11. I Believe
  12. Catatonic Eclipse
  13. Among The Cybermen 15. Prisoner 103
  14. Plastic Planet
  15. Area Code 51

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