Rachel Eckroth Releases “The Garden” with Bassist Tim Lefebvre

Rachel Eckroth: The GardenPianist, vocalist, and songwriter Rachel Eckroth has just released a new album called The Garden, which showcases her compositional prowess with a killer lineup of musicians. The mostly instrumental album was written over the past year and a half. Eckroth’s husband and musical partner Tim Lefebvre is part of the core band.

“Especially during Covid, we were making music pretty much every day together,” she explains. “We just want to make this weird music that we’re hearing. It’s bold because we’re just doing what we do. We don’t need to show off, we just want to play what feels good to us.”

Eckroth also enlisted guitarist Nir Felder, saxophonists Donny McCaslin and Andrew Krasilnikov and synth guru Austin White. Drummer Christian Euman grooves on the whole record alongside Lefebvre, who utilizes electric bass with effects as well as the double bass to explore different textures.

Check out “Oil”:

The Garden is available now on Amazon MP3, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

The Garden Track List:

  1. Dracaena
  2. Under a Fig Tree
  3. Low Hanging Fruit
  4. Dried Up Roots
  5. The Garden
  6. Black Eyed Susan
  7. Vines
  8. Oil

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