Bass & Creativity: Chord Colors & Building Harmonic Movement

In this lesson, we’ll see how we can progressively build chord changes, starting from a static modal section and adding more and more modulations and harmonic movement to it while keeping a consistent groove.

Here’s what we cover in the video below:

  • 00:16: Dm groove
  • 01:01: Adding BbM7 within
  • 01:57: Adding a 3rd chord and a 1st modulation (Dm aeolian to dorian) Dm|BbM7|G7|Dm
  • 03:54: Keeping Bb, changing its 7th Dm|Bb7
  • 04:55: Keeping G, changing its 7th Dm|Bb7|GM7|Dm
  • 06:11: Changing the last chord to reinstall the original harmony F/A & G/B leading to Dm
  • 07:05: Dm|Bbsus4
  • 07:45: Using the same modulation on the 3rd chord (GM7#5)
  • 08:24: Dm|Bbsus4|GM7#5|F/A G/B
  • 09:07: Underlining the chords without piano
  • 10:34: Conclusion

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