Jens Papenroth Publishes “Groove Breathing”

Groove BreathingWhen we are deepest in our music, our entire body should be helping our performance. That’s what led bassist and author Jens Papenroth to write Groove Breathing. The book introduces a breathing technique to bring your ”body into harmony with the music, making it the resting anchor for solid timing.“

Papenroth notes that players often physically tense up while in deep concentration. (You can read more on his findings in this Medium article.) This leads to timing issues and stress. To deal with it, he has created breathing exercises.

“The exercises offer breathing patterns for different metrical situations,” his website explains. “To write down even complex patterns, Jens introduces a special notation for the breath that makes it easy to follow along with the music.”

The method has notation for your breath with ten exercises in five different time signatures.

Groove Breathing is available now in paperback and Kindle formats.

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