Glockenklang Unveils the Blue Bird Bass Amp

Glockenklang Blue Bird Bass Amp

Glockenklang has revealed the next in their lineup of bass heads with the Blue Bird. Made in Germany, the amp can dish out up to 900 watts at four ohms and features a Class A input stage.

Its control set includes a switchable 5-band EQ with semi-parametric mids, a drive section with a switchable voicing filter, and knobs for controlling the effects return/auxiliary input. Other features include a tuner output, a headphones output, and a footswitch jack.

When asked about its heritage within its own brand, Glockenklang wrote that it has a different module than the Steamhammer and Blue Rock. “It has the drive section of the Blue Rock, but it’s more in the direction of the Blue Sky/Bass Art Classic,” they shared.

Glockenklang says the Blue Bird will be available before Christmas, although final price has not been set. An estimated street price is between 1800-1900€, or approximately $1,910 to $2,015.

Glockenklang Blue Bird Bass Amp Features:

900 watts @ 4 ohms, 450 @ 8 ohms OR 600 watts @ 4ohms, 300 @ 8 ohms
Class A Input stage
switchable 5-band EQ, semi-parametric mids
Variable Basscut
Drive section with switchable voicing filter
Effect Return mono or MP3 Input Stereo
Symmetric DI-Out Pre/Post (Level switchable)
Tuner Out
Headphones output
Tune / Drive / Effect switchable by footswitch
Weight: 4 kg / 8.81 lbs
Dimensions: 320 x 260 x 88mm / 12.6 x 10.3 x 2.48″

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  1. Joe Sheil

    Sounds about right! And of course after I hunted down and bought a Blue Sky. Can’t say enough good things about that amp – worth every penny! This looks like a bit of a rebrand- added the high pass filter and I’m sure did some nice stuff with the insides. I too added a high-pass filter, but mine is outboard.

    Absolutely love it and swear it’s the last amp Ill buy. Unless I can come with $2k or so…. :)