Janek Gwizdala Publishes “Decoding Giant Steps for Electric Bass”

Decoding Giant Steps for Electric BassJohn Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” is one of the most daunting jazz standards due to its complex chord changes. The song has been studied since its original release in 1959, and now Janek Gwizdala has published a book for bassists to get the most out of the song.

Decoding Giant Steps for Electric Bass helps you understand the chord cycles, now known as Coltrane Changes, to create better bass lines and solos.

“Beneath the chaos of this composition’s rapidly shifting key centers, there’s a simple concept at play—and by using this master key to unlock the secrets of the song, we can transform the seemingly impossible into something effortless and natural,” Gwizdala writes. “Gone are the days of struggling to keep up with chord changes or guessing which notes to play next. Using the tools and insights found in this book, you’ll be able to craft smooth walking bass lines, gain an encyclopedia of new vocabulary through exercises and etudes, and understand “Giant Steps” through the minds of jazz giants like Chris Potter and Pat Metheny.”

The book comes with a video masterclass on its content and play-alongs. All of the musical examples are complete with TAB.

Decoding Giant Steps for Electric Bass is 111 pages long and is available now in paperback and eBook editions.

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  1. James

    Pure ?. Waste of money this book is.
    Gives zero education as all of janeks books. Just a money grab so he can pay his mortgage.