Hologram Effects Announces the Chroma Console Pedal

Hologram Electronics Chroma Console PedalHologram Electronics has expanded its pedal lineup with the Chroma Console. The versatile multi-effect unit takes its cues from vintage technology and combines it with a new variety of sounds. The pedal has 20 effects built into four effect modules that can be rearranged for tons of flexibility.

“Easily re-order effects and experiment with different signal chains—process reverb through a fuzz, run a reverse delay into a pitch shifter, or run the evocative, gritty sound of an aging cassette recorder into a stereo double-tracker,” the company suggests. “Record knob movements with GESTURE, create ephemeral loops with CAPTURE, and dial in the amount of randomness, chaos, or nostalgic warble that your composition requires with DRIFT.”

The Chroma Console features stereo ins and outs and is optimized for both instrument and line level sources. Hologram also baked in 80 user presets, a configurable filter effect, MIDI In/Out/Thru, and tap tempo for the time-based and modulation effects.

Check out its plethora of features in the company’s intro video:

The Hologram Effects Chroma Console will be shipping in January. It’s open to preorder for $399.

Hologram Effects Chroma Console Pedal Features:

20 Vibrant Effects
4 Rearrange-able Effect Modules
Stereo Input/Output
Designed for both Instrument and Line Input Levels
Sophisticated Input Level Calibration
Record knob movements with GESTURE
Sustain and loop audio with CAPTURE feature
Bypass Foot Switch Customization
Configurable Filter Effect (Tilt, Lowpass, or Highpass)
80 User Presets
MIDI In/Out/Thru, clock synchronization
True Bypass Switching/Buffered Bypassed with trails
Tap Tempo, which can sync time-based effects as well as modulation effects

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