Summer School Electronics Introduces the Half Day Compressor Pedal

Summer School Electronics Half Day Compressor PedalSummer School Electronics has added a new pedal to their lineup with the Half Day Compressor, which the company describes as a Ross-style compressor with modern amenities. Importantly, one of the modern features is a switch to toggle between bass or guitar usage.

“The Half Day Compressor takes the topology of the Ross-style compression and features a selectable input capacitance that will either allow more bass-friendly frequencies for lower-tuned instruments or cut them for a more traditional guitar compression,” they write. “It also incorporates a tilt-EQ that acts as a high-pass and low-pass filter to further dial in the desired effect.”

Summer School adds that a boost after the compression circuit makes it better for solos and allowing players to get a “squashed” sound without a perceived volume drop.

The Summer School Electronics Half Day compressor is handbuilt in Syracuse, New York. It’s available now for $164.99.

Summer School Electronics Half Day Compressor Pedal Features:

Volume, Comp, Tone Controls
Guiltar/Bass Capacitance Switch
True Bypass On/Off Switch
9-volt or Standard DC Input Power
Handbuilt in Syracuse, NY

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