Antonia Aviles Publishes Children’s Book, “Catalina Plays the What?”

Catalina Plays the What?If you’ve ever played a single gig on the double bass, chances are you’ve been asked, “What do you call that thing?” A new children’s book called Catalina Plays the What? helps clear things up for youngsters while inspiring them to love the instrument.

The book is authored by Antonia Aviles, who is married to bass luthier Gary Upton.

“This charming book not only introduces the majestic double bass to children and adults but also dives into its rich history, playing techniques, and the grandeur of its size,” Upton shared on Instagram. “Get it in the hands of your family, and maybe we’ll stop being called cello players or hearing, ‘I bet you wish you played the flute.'”

Victor Wooten shared his thoughts on the book, stating, “This is a wonderful title and a perfect tool for anyone who wants to foster the love of music in a child.”

Catalina Plays the What? is available now in paperback from Amazon.

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