Bass of the Week: Natasha Guitars NBSG Bass

Natasha Guitars NBSG Bass

This week, we’re checking out a unique instrument called the NBSG Bass from Natasha Guitars. Although it has a minimalist look, the lightweight, silent-style bass has a lot going on.

First, the instrument is built with solid bamboo and the frames that make its body outline are detachable for portability. The bass also has a super short 25.5-inch scale. Its nut and saddle are made from cow bone.

Although you can’t see it, the NBSG Bass has a slick pickup system. The bass can be connected to an amp for a straight-ahead bass sound, but connecting to an app allows you to access to a host of built-in effects: Reverb, Chorus, Delay, and Distortion. The app also has preset tones, a tuner, a metronome, drums, and loop recording.

The NBSG’s system is powered by an internal lithium battery that can be charged by its USB-C port. It ships with a wireless receiver for going cordless. Finally, the bass has a headphone jack for silent practice.

Check out this sound demo by IKEBE Channel:

Natasha Guitars NBSG Bass Specs:

Nut & Saddle:Cow bone
Pickup:Inteligent Pickup System
Tuners:Natasha 1:18
Other:Detachable Frames, Wireless Pairing to Amp and Audio Interface, Smart Control App for Effects and EQ, USB-C Port, Headphone Jack

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