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Ural Thomas & The Pain Release “The Right Time”
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Ural Thomas & The Pain Release “The Right Time”

If you dig the classic R&B of the late ’60s and early ’70s, you’ll want to check out the new album The Right Time by Ural Thomas and The Pain. Thomas was a soul singer back in that very era and released a few singles including “Can You Dig It,” though he was forced to find other work to make...

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Arcellus Sykes: “Trane’s Slo Blues” solo playalong

Arcellus Sykes, a bassist from Portland, Oregon, just knocked me out with his playalong of John Coltrane’s solo on “Trane’s Slo Blues”. Acellus claims “it isn’t as clean as I’d like it, but hey – it’s Coltrane.” Hey, we’ll take it. If you like this transcription, you can find many more posted on Arcellus’s blog. Arcellus also offers custom transcription...