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Brian Derek: Northern Lights

We featured Brian Derek as our player spotlight a few weeks ago and held on to this video to feature at a later date. Well, that day has come. Brian says this video is a “6/8 impressionistic chamber jazz for fretless bass, flute, piano and drums. Recorded live 10-2009.” Enjoy:

Reader Spotlight: Brian Derek
Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight: Brian Derek

Meet Brian Derek, our player in the spotlight for December 22nd, 2009. Bio: I studied at Berklee for a few semesters in the ’70’s playing/composing jazz. I have done every type gig imaginable and recorded many independent record/cd projects (a favorite of mine is “The Warning” w/Rory Pastorius in 1986); performed with Pat Metheny, Peter Erskine, Randy Bernsen, Jack Pastorius...