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  • Contusion, Featuring Cristian Tisselli, Releases Debut

    Contusion, Featuring Cristian Tisselli, Releases Debut

    Cristian Tisselli was the No Treble Reader Spotlight back in May 2012 and now his band, Contusion, has released its self-titled debut album. The Argentinian progressive fusion band cites Allan Holdsworth and Tribal Tech as influences, Tisselli said in that Spotlight piece two years ago. Contusion’s songs have been percolating for a while and live... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Cristian Tisselli

    Reader Spotlight: Cristian Tisselli

    Meet bassist Cristian Tisselli, a musician from Argentina with a cool story about following dreams and a great line: “I could play a big stadium or in a small bar, I don’t really care.” Cristian is a man ahead of his times: he took the approach of turning a guitar into a bass when he... »