Contusion, Featuring Cristian Tisselli, Releases Debut

Contusion: ContusionCristian Tisselli was the No Treble Reader Spotlight back in May 2012 and now his band, Contusion, has released its self-titled debut album.

The Argentinian progressive fusion band cites Allan Holdsworth and Tribal Tech as influences, Tisselli said in that Spotlight piece two years ago.

Contusion’s songs have been percolating for a while and live versions of several tunes have been circulating for some since at least late 2011. That’s the case for this performance of the album’s “Social Fever”:

You can download Contusion at Bandcamp.

Contusion Track List:

  1. Time Issues
  2. Social Fever
  3. Random Select
  4. Desert Song
  5. Enterprise
  6. DDLM
  7. Meet Me

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