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Gear Review: DPA 4099B Clip Microphone for Bass

One of the ultimate struggles for a gigging double bassist is getting proper amplification without losing the sound of your instrument. Using a microphone is a great way to preserve your tone, and recently I got my hands on the DPA 4099B Clip Mic for bass to test it out. The Details The 4099 is not a new solution bassists....

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Gear Watch: DPA 4099B Upright Bass Mic

DPA Microphones have announced the newest addition to their 4099 clip mic series with the 4099B for upright bass. The new model sports a clip design which attaches to the E and G- strings below the bridge and a gooseneck design for optimum mic placement. The 4099B is a condenser microphone featuring a supercardioid polar pattern to enhance gain before...