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John Coltrane Archives

Bass Videos

Arcellus Sykes: “Trane’s Slo Blues” solo playalong

Arcellus Sykes, a bassist from Portland, Oregon, just knocked me out with his playalong of John Coltrane’s solo on “Trane’s Slo Blues”. Acellus claims “it isn’t as clean as I’d like it, but hey – it’s Coltrane.” Hey, we’ll take it. If you like this transcription, you can find many more posted on Arcellus’s blog. Arcellus also offers custom transcription...

In Memoriam

RIP George Russell

Jazz composer George Russell has passed away. His publicist has released that he died due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease on Monday at the age of 86. Russell, a MacArthur fellow who is credited with the first theoretical contribution to music from jazz with The Lydian Theory, published in 1953 and responsible for first introducing modal improvisation, taught at the...

Bass Videos

Kevin Wyatt: Giant Steps

I think most of the jazz-guys out there know John Coltrane’s classic Giant Steps. A challenging tune, as I’m sure many would agree. This is Kevin Wyatt shirtlessly doubling the bass part on his bass and Coltrane’s solo on his keyboard. [Editor’s note: when the walking bass part started, I almost fell out of my chair. Wow!]