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Bass Videos

Taylor Lee and Friends: Christmas Bass Shred Session

Taylor Lee has once again called upon some phenomenal bassists for a shred session for the holidays. This time he’s joined by Jon Reshard, Bubby Lewis, Cody Wright, Jay Laws, Shaun Gotti Calloway, and AJ Brown.

Bass Videos

Taylor Lee, Hadrien Feraud, Steve Bailey, Bubby Lewis, & Mike Bendy: Quarantine Bass Shred Sessions

One of the best aspects of the quarantine period has been all the amazing collaborations. Case in point: this video put together by monster bassist Taylor Lee. Hadrien Feraud, Steve Bailey, Bubby Lewis, and Mike Bendy all play a big part in this collab as well.

New Albums

Taylor Lee Releases “Lightning Man”

Bassist Taylor Lee has released his debut solo album entitled Lightning Man, and it’s a star-studded event. Lee, who has worked with artists like the Jeff Sipe Trio and Bela Fleck, tapped guitarist Mike Seal and drummer Michael D’Angelo for the rhythm section with several special guest bassists. “’Lightning Man’ features several world-class bassists including Taylor’s longtime instructor Steve Bailey,...

Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight: Taylor Lee

Meet bassist Taylor Lee, who has a lot of great stories to tell, including how he got his gig, who gave him his main bass and how he switched from guitar to bass as soon as he heard Jaco’s debut. Taylor is the player in the spotlight for the week of March 18, 2013. Bio: In 2008 Taylor received a...