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Anthony Jackson & Yiorgos Fakanas: Interspirit

Anthony Jackson is a living legend of modern music. Like his hero, the great James Jamerson, millions of music lovers know his music who might not know his name. He is a true innovator, a great musical mind and a man of great integrity. He invented and pioneered the 6-string extended range bass guitar (his contrabass guitar), used a pick...

New Albums

Anthony Jackson to release his first-ever solo album, with colleague Yiorgos Fakanas

Hard to believe that after 40 years as a pro, Anthony Jackson is set to release his first solo album this March. The album, Interspirit pairs Jackson with composer/bassist Yiorgos Fakanas, as well as Dave Weckl on drums, Frank Gambale on guitar, Mitch Forman on keyboards, and Tony Lakatos on sax. According to a press release from Abstract Logix, the...