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Track by Track: Mark Egan Talks “Electric Blue”

Mark Egan and Danny Gottlieb have been performing for nearly 50 years, and 2020 saw the latest release from the duo. We reached out to Mark to get the track-by-track background on “Electric Blue” from the man himself.

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Track by Track: Chuck Rainey Talks “Interpretations of a Groove”

Let’s face it, if you call yourself a bass player and don’t know and speak the name Chuck Rainey with reverence, then you would be in the minority. The bulk of us have long admired and emulated this pioneer of the bass guitar from the moment we began playing anything that grooved. Indeed, for most of us, that admiration started...

Track By Track: Evan Brewer Talks “Your Itinerary”

Bassist Evan Brewer has returned with his second solo album, , out now. The effort represents a big change from his bass-only debut, Alone, and features eight full arrangements of original songs with drums, keyboard, guitar, and more. Each track on Your Itinerary stands on its own, but as a whole the album creates a unique sonic experience. Brewer’s genre-bending...

Track by Track: Janek Gwizdala Talks “Theatre by the Sea”

Janek Gwizdala is staying ahead of his goal of putting out an album every year with the release of Theatre by the Sea. His third record in 18 months, the album features nine tracks of the bassist’s own compositions and lush arrangements performed by a host of heavyweight musicians including Peter Erskine, Mike Stern, Randy Brecker and more. Gwizdala wrote...

Track by Track: Zander Zon Talks “Saturn Return”

If you’ve been reading No Treble for a while now, or simply spend time on Youtube like we do finding the great bass players there, you’ve no doubt run across the music of Zander Zon. Zander is a remarkable solo bassist, incorporating piccolo strings, alternate tunings and effects with unique compositions and arrangements. And while his technical ability is undeniable,...