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Robert Trujillo Financing Jaco Pastorius Documentary Film

Jaco Pastorius

We’d heard rumors about this, and now a report has come out via USA Today confirming what we’ve been hearing: a film about Jaco Pastorius has been in development, and it is being financed by Metallica’s Robert Trujillo.

Trujillo, you may remember, has another tie to Jaco, having purchased Jaco’s Bass of Doom a year ago, years after it had been stolen from Jaco and resurfacing in 2006.

Trujillo has cited Jaco’s influence on him many times, telling USA Today’s Marco R. della Cava, “Jaco was my hero growing up. Hearing him was like hearing Eddie Van Robert TrujilloHalen doing ‘Eruption’ for the first time: You thought, ‘What instrument is that?’… Jaco had an edge that far exceeded his jazz persona. He was funk, he was rock, he was soul. And his whole attitude was punk.”

The movie, tentatively titled Jaco, was taken on by Trujillo two years ago and is being directed by Stephen Kijak. Kijak’s credits include the 2010 film Stones in Exile, about the Rolling Stones creation of Exile on Main Street. Trujillo reportedly recruited Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea, Carlos Santana and others for the film.

One of the more interesting stories Trujillo told della Cava is that he had hoped to help Jaco out during his later years.

“I wanted to rescue him,” he said, “but I learned that Jaco didn’t want to be rescued.”

Trujillo says he hopes to premiere the film at the Toronto Film Festival in September.

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