Dunlop Launches Robert Trujillo Signature Strings

Dunlop Robert Trujillo Bass Strings

Dunlop has teamed up with Metallica’s Robert Trujillo to unveil the latest in their signature series of bass strings. The set was designed with the bassist to complement his signature sound.

“The resulting Robert Trujillo Bass Strings serve up a clear and articulate top end, a solid midrange punch to cut through a wall of guitars, and more than enough focused bottom to knock you on your backside,” Dunlop writes. “Robert likes his tapered, but not everyone has their bass configured for that style—so these strings are designed specifically for non-tapered setups using the exact same formulas.”

The Robert Trujillo Bass Strings come in both nickel wound and stainless steel versions. They’re available now at $30 for the four-string set and $35 for the five-string set.

Dunlop Robert Trujillo Bass Strings Features:

Designed using the same formulas as Robert Trujillo's own custom tapered strings
Made for non-tapered setups
Nickel Wound or Stainless Steel
Four and Five-string Sets
Gauges: 45-105 (4-string) and 45-130 (5-string)

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