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Bernhard Lackner Releases “Transition”

Bernhard Lackner: TransitionAustrian bassist Bernhard Lackner has released his fourth solo album entitled Transition. The album sprang from a time of change in the bassist’s life, who moved back to Europe after spending several years in the United States.

“After living in the USA for about 7 years I moved back to Austria,” Lackner explained. “This move put me into a “transitional” situation in my life with a new place to live and a new environment. I was about to start a new teaching job in northern Italy, I opened my private bass academy in Austria, started a new trio with great Europlayers, etc.. So quite a few changes took place, plus I turned 30 at that time so I felt like I was in a transition into a new stage of my life.”

The emotions Lackner dealt with are played out through the nine song collection by a cast of incredible musicians including saxophonist Jeff Coffin, drummer Derico Watson and vocalist Lena Mentschel.

Lackner also expresses himself on the track “Winter,” where he presents a solo-bass song with rich tone and intimate phrasing.

Transition is available on CD and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Transition Track List:

  1. The Jacket
  2. Welcome BAck
  3. Mixed Emotions
  4. For My Class
  5. Camel Ride
  6. Dreaming
  7. Transition
  8. Winter
  9. Tegernsee