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Bass Lick Series: Funky Fingerstyle Bass Groove

Changing things up a bit this time around with a funky 5-string bass groove (which can also be played on a 4-string).

The fill is based on the Em Dorian scale (E F♯ G A B C♯ D) and uses the open strings for a doubling effect. The doubling effect is something we’ve tried before (see: Soul/Funk Fingerstyle Bass Groove and Funky Groove with Pentatonic Run).

Follow along with the video and this transcription.

For the gear heads: I’m playing my new Sandberg California MarloweDK Signature 5-String Bass. In this case, I’m favoring the bridge pickup. I’m running through the direct out of a TC Electronic RH450 amp and into Logic Pro. The bass is strung with Dunlop Nickel strings.