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Esperanza Spalding: Hold On Me (Live)

It’s Sunday (at least it is when I’m sharing this), and this just feels perfect for a chill day like today.

Of course, when it is Esperanza Spalding, I don’t need any excuse.

This is Esperanza performing “Hold On Me” live in 2012, with Leo Genovese (keys), Jef Lee Johnson (guitar), Igmar Thomas (trumpet), Lyndon Rochelle (drums) and a great horn section.

That bass tone! That voice!

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Timothy Dempsey

Is it possible NOT to love Esperanza Spalding? I doubt it.

Even if the music isn’t your thing, she is a force of nature.



I just find most jazz impenetrable. The note selection is just jarring. I find myself yearning for the bits that are not tense, and mentally treading water trying to find a thread to cling on to. The talent is unquestionable, but how it’s utilised is awful to my ears. Sorry to hard-core jazz heads, but i can’t “make” myself love it, no matter how many times I’ve tried through the years.

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Such feeling & emotion… vocals & bass!

Anthony Cook

She is really a special bass player …Upright or electric , she can lay it down.



The ultimate combination of serious muso and eye-candy!