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Chic: “Good Times” Live at Montreux

Chic closed the 2004 Montreux Jazz Festival with a bang. Among the tunes the group performed was their big hit “Good Times”.

Bassist Jerry Barnes laid down the funky and iconic bass line and got the crowd going during the bass-drums-vocal break.

Old school.

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Steven Smith

yeah! no school like old school! one of the first bass lines i learned. barnes is puttin’ it down as good as edwards. love how he brought in “bounce, rock, skate, roll” (6:41) and then a little bit of “slide” (6:58) toward the end. real stuff!

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

An iconic blast from the past. Such a great bass line. Barnes ‘brought it’ and then some. Great tone & li’l fills towards the end of the song. Just a Good Time : )



Thanks Mr Edwards…!!