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Vahagn Stepanyan with Anthony Crawford: Give More

Vahagn Stepanyan emailed me a couple of videos of music from his debut album, Moonlight.

And this one grooves, thanks in large part to bassist Anthony Crawford, who makes it happen along with drummer Weerachat Premananda Jr. The guitarist in the video is Felipe Praino.


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Yep, that Roscoe’s givin’ me serious wood!!!!!lmao

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Just killing it. Anthony Crawford is the MAN!

Sean Lumsden

Good Lord…fave styles of playing all in one song!

Steven Smith

this is jammin’! yeah, anthony is a beast! love his work with virgil donati.



That was so tight I wonder if there was air in the room!

Anthony Cook

Great to see the younger generation of musicians adding nice touches to fusion, jazz ,rock…. and beyond .



Incredible playing!