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Ana Karina Sebastião and Lari Basilio: Groove Delas

Mitch sent us this great clip of Ana Karina Sebastião locking in with guitarist Lari Basilio on the bassist’s original song, “Groove Delas.” This one has it all: great vibe, great groove, and great bass.

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Willoughby Spitt

I like Jaco bite @ the 2:48 mark. They sound really nice & groove better than a lot of dudes that play the same axes!!!!

Justin Donegan

too much groove, my neck hurts!

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

This is fantastic. The song is killer, and the groove is tight. Killer li’l q&a lines going on, and these ladies are just smiling the whole time. I DIG!!! I’ll look forward to hearing more from them.


There something sexy with two hot chicks playing a good grove.
I like it,

Steven Smith

DANG!!!! i honestly can’t get my words together for this one. just dang! these young ladies are in the pocket!


… excellent performance – terrible video coverage!

Anthony Cook

Nice groove ,Ana and Lari, and you look like your having a great time groovin’ with each other.Cheers!



We need some more good groves from these beautiful young ladies.
I keep coming back to watch this and it never gets old.
That’s one fine bass and finer bassist and guitarist.