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AUDIOgraffiti: Black Rainbow

Bassist and No Treble reader Nikolaos Finizio sent us a note and video of his band AUDIOgraffiti.

“I’m a musician based in Italy, as a bass player, I always enjoy your selection of groovy videos, so this time I decided to share one myself,” he shared. “This one was filmed during the studio sessions when [we] recorded our last EP. Our music collective is based in Italy but its components come from different countries and cultures: from Rwanda and Nigeria to Greece, Italy and Australia. This linguistic and cultural baggage heavily influences our music, which is a blend of classic black music vibes and modern glitchy-electro sounds.”

We loved the bass, the way it all came together — and the horns too! How about you?

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

Totally digging this laid back groove. Love the Lakland man. GOOD STUFF !!!

Alden Zac

Alden Zac

Dove in italia?



Sounds great! Are those the stock electronics in your 55-01? Flatwound strings? Killer groove, just disgusting.


    ahah, well, I didn’t really understood if you liked it or if it sounded disgusting to you, but yes man, you guessed it right: stock electronics and flatwounds!

Michael Hamer

Really nice!!! Music like this drives me to listen to more! Thanks for sharing!



What a groove ! Very cool stuff !!