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Project RnL: Expiration Date

Project RnL and bassist Or Lubianiker shared this video earlier this week, and it is another solid performance by one of our favorite bands.

“We’ve been working recently on an ‘electronic’ live setup, and here’s our first attempt at it,” they shared.

The song is “Expiration Date,” originally written by Pomplamoose.

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Must say I loved the recorded version of this, and it surprises me how well they pull it off live!

Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

These cats are jus to cool. Love his bass tone!

Galactic Wolf

Galactic Wolf

Man that vocalist has incredible pipes. Love it

Mark S B.

Mark S B.

How nice this was and I cant find a fret wrap anywhere in Houston TX.
People at G.C. say a what, your seeing a hair tie and I say never mind.