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Groove – Episode #14: Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin had a moment that he describes as “the dark night of the soul” at the age of sixty. Now, he’s 63 and he’s reflecting. He’s reflecting on his career as one of the most influential electric bass players who has ever lived, and he’s being critical of just how critical he has been about the state of the electric bass, the education behind it and his own, highly provocative, thinking about life. He had this “personality” for a long time (with a negative bite), and he wants things to change.

Berlin is an accomplished bass player. From his days with Bill Buford and Allan Holdsworth to his many solo efforts (including 2013’s Low Standards). He was an integral part in the creation of the Bass Institute of Technology, and even turned down an offer – back in the day – from Eddie Van Halen to join the band.

Now, Berlin is about to create a new album over at Pledge Music as a tribute to one his biggest inspirations (Jack Bruce). This is a new Jeff Berlin. Enjoy the conversation…

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