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Moppa Elliot Releases Solo Effort

Matthew "Moppa" Elliott: Still, Up in the AirMostly Other People Do the Killing’s leader, bassist and composer Matthew “Moppa” Elliott has released his solo bass album, Still, Up in the Air.

The jazz album was recorded live in one day — Feb. 15, 2015 — at St. Stephen’s Pro Cathedral in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Elliott favors a non-linear approach to his work, using authors David Foster Wallace and Milorad Pavic and the art of 20th-century Cubist painters as inspiration. Still, Up in the Air includes only one edit, which spliced two tracks into one.

Double bassist Elliott plays a late-19th-century Bohemian bass and uses a CODA Bow carbon fiber bow.

Check out this track from the album:

Still, Up in the Air is available through Elliott’s record label, Hot Cup Records.

Still, Up in the Air Track Listing:

  1. Sequence Three
  2. Sequence Eight
  3. Sequence Nine
  4. Sequence Ten
  5. Sequence Eleven
  6. Sequence Six/Twelve
  7. Sequence Fourteen

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