Nate Sabat Releases “Bass Fiddler”

Nate Sabat: Bass FiddlerThe upright bass gets a reputation for simplicity, especially in bluegrass and folk music. However, Nate Sabat has put the instrument in the spotlight on his new album, Bass Fiddler. The record has six original songs with others written by Abigail Washburn, Norman Blake, The Stanley Brothers, and more.

Sabat performs everything with just his bass and voice but still manages to create diverse textures through the 12 tracks.

“There’s nothing I love more than playing the upright bass,” he exclaims. “My hope is that listeners take the time to sit with this album front to back — I want them to take in the full scope of the work. I have a feeling they’ll hear something they haven’t heard before.”

The bassist began working on the concept for Bass Fiddler a decade ago when he was studying with old time music legend Bruce Molsky, who also produced the album.

“One of Bruce’s specialties is singing and playing fiddle at the same time. The second I heard it I was hooked,” recalls Sabat. “I thought, how can I do this on the bass?”

Check out his version of Abigail Washburn’s “Sometimes”:

Bass Fiddler is available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more.

Bass Fiddler Track List:

  1. White Marble
  2. Orphan Annie
  3. Louise
  4. In the Shade
  5. Year of the Ox
  6. Eli
  7. Fade Away
  8. Sometimes
  9. And So It Goes
  10. Rabid Thoughts
  11. Lonesome Night
  12. The Sun Will Rise

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