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  • NorCal Bassix: Michael Manring and Stew McKinsey duo

    NorCal Bassix has posted a bunch of videos from their event on May 2nd. Here’s one featuring special guests Michael Manring and Stew McKinsey performing one of Stew’s songs. Check out more videos from the event. »

  • Ray Riendeau: Kashmir

    Bassist Ray Riendeau is becoming a favorite around here. His latest video, remaking Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir should show you why. »

  • Dave Pomeroy: The Day The Bass Players Took Over The World

    Dave Pomeroy: The Day The Bass Players Took Over The World

    Check out Dave Pomeroy with his Bass Day evening kick off performance of “The Day The Bass Players Took Over The World” (back in the 90’s, we think). We especially loved the “tied up the guitar players with those big ol’ flatwound strings. Sorry boys.” line. (Not to mention the bass playing and that sweet... »

  • Dave Marks Solo Bass: Message in a Bottle

    Dave Marks Solo Bass: Message in a Bottle

    Check out bassist Dave Marks, taking a solo break during a Carl Palmer Band concert. We really like the loops he put together, almost as much as the soloing. »

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  • Paul Jackson and Mike Clark: One funky rhythm section

    In today’s featured vid, bassist Paul Jackson, of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters band is joined with drummer Mike Clark in a multi-groove compilation. I don’t know if I should just watch or grab my bass and learn all of these. Who am I kidding? I’m going to do both. »

  • Stuart Clayton: The Simpsons Theme, Bass Style

    Stuart Clayton: The Simpsons Theme, Bass Style

    Okay, we’re now huge fans of bassist Stuart Clayton, after watching exactly one video. It didn’t hurt that he’s playing the theme from The Simpsons. Or that he nailed it. See for yourself: »

  • Balloon bassin’

    Balloon bassin’

    Today’s featured video comes by way of a submission on our Youtube group and features the innovative folks over at Addi Somekh demonstrates how to make and play a balloon bass. »

  • John Burr: “In A Sentimental Mood” solo bass

    Bassist John Burr sent this video our way, of a solo bass performance of In A Sentimental Mood: Check out more about John at his web site: For more videos (and to submit ones for consideration), check out our Youtube Group. »

  • Hadrien Feraud: 2008 Bass Day U.K. performance

    Today’s featured video comes from a member of our Youtube group. Bassist Hadrien Feraud shows off his skills and 5-string Ken Smith bass and Markbass amplifier during a 2008 performance at Bass Day U.K. Want to submit a video? Add it to our group. »

  • Smithgroove: Final Matter bass cover

    Check out smithgroove doing a cover of “Final Matter”, from Casiopea. This video was submitted to our Youtube video group. (You can submit videos too!) »