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  • Reader Spotlight: Mantis Evar

    Reader Spotlight: Mantis Evar

    Meet bassist Mantis Evar, our player in the spotlight for October 13th, 2009. Bio: As a musician, Mantis has performed live with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joey DeFrancesco. While home he acted as studio manager for TKO Recording Studios until he eventually set his focus on live sound where he has worked with Dr. Billy... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Jackie Clark

    Reader Spotlight: Jackie Clark

    Meet bassist Jackie Clark, our player in the spotlight for October 6, 2009. Bio: Though gospel music is my first love, I was eventually hired to hold down the bottom for some of R&B biggest names beginning with Howard Hewett in 2001. That led to a few stints with other male vocalists such as Keith... »

  • Reader Spotlight: André Bowman

    Reader Spotlight: André Bowman

    Meet bassist André Bowman, our player in the spotlight for September 29th, 2009. Bio: Hailing from Buffalo, NY, I started playing bass at age 9, beginning with acoustic bass and picking up electric a couple years later. Receiving several awards throughout high school with the jazz band and orchestra, I continued my studies at Berklee... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Phil Wain

    Reader Spotlight: Phil Wain

    Meet bassist Phil Wain, our player in the spotlight for September 22nd, 2009. Bio: A fretless specialist who loves his Wal bass, Phil sees music as a spiritual exercise and strives for those moments when the music plays him. He can be seen in a variety of settings on the London gig scene. His heart... »

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  • Reader Spotlight: Steve Uccello

    Reader Spotlight: Steve Uccello

    Meet bassist Steve Uccello, our player in the spotlight for September 15th, 2009. Bio: Steve Uccello is an Upright and Electric Bassist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He’s a versatile musician who authentically approaches each style he plays. Steve has self-produced two solo albums, the recently released SYMMETRIA, an instrumental bass-centric journey comprised of 14 songs, and... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Darren Michaels

    Reader Spotlight: Darren Michaels

    Meet bassist Darren Michaels, our player in the spotlight for September 8th, 2009. Bio: Since graduating with honors from Atlanta Institute of Music in 2000, I have performed and recorded in a plethora of styles and have released three albums as a solo bassist, green (2002), equilibrium (2004), and Cumulo (2008). While many others have... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Marcello Lavorgna

    Reader Spotlight: Marcello Lavorgna

    Meet bassist Marcello Lavorgna, our player in the spotlight for September 1, 2009. Bio: I was born on January 23, 1985, in Magenta (Milan). My first experience in music was at the age of 15, when I bought my first bass and I began to play. At the beginning I listened especially to metal and... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Adam Tanner

    Reader Spotlight: Adam Tanner

    Meet bassist Adam Tanner (aka ZenBeer), our player in the spotlight for August 25, 2009. Bio: I mostly play solo (ZenBeer). I have three solo CD’s out with ItsAboutMusic: The Cosmic Trigger EP, Grand Unified Chaos and, most recently, Bass, The Universe and Everything. It’s all bass, all the time! I played at the Denver... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Alun Vaughan

    Reader Spotlight: Alun Vaughan

    Meet bassist Alun Vaughan, our player in the spotlight for August 18, 2009. Bio I play in UK rock band Panic Room and am also a busy freelance player, playing with various local bands as well as backing some of the UK’s top jazz musicians such as Alan Barnes, Steve Waterman, Mornington Lockett and Dave... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Evan Marien

    Reader Spotlight: Evan Marien

    Meet bassist Evan Marien, our player in the spotlight for August 12, 2009. Bio: Voted one of the three “Most Exciting New Players” in the world by the readers of Bass Player magazine, Evan Marien is quickly becoming one of the most talked about electric bassists on the funk/fusion scene. A recent grad of Berklee... »