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  • Reader Spotlight: Brian Derek

    Reader Spotlight: Brian Derek

    Meet Brian Derek, our player in the spotlight for December 22nd, 2009. Bio: I studied at Berklee for a few semesters in the ’70’s playing/composing jazz. I have done every type gig imaginable and recorded many independent record/cd projects (a favorite of mine is “The Warning” w/Rory Pastorius in 1986); performed with Pat Metheny, Peter... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Cricket Cohen

    Reader Spotlight: Cricket Cohen

    Meet Cricket Cohen, our player in the spotlight for December 15, 2009. Bio: I’ve been so lucky to play bass (and sing) for a living for over 30 years. Doing the math I know I’ve played at least 10,000 gigs! The venues range from lounge cover work to playing with the Drifters as well of... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Paul Adams

    Reader Spotlight: Paul Adams

    Meet Paul Adams, our bass player in the spotlight for December 8, 2009. Bio: I am a busy professional electric and double bass player based in Stoke on Trent, England. I have performed throughout the UK, USA and Europe with various groups and artists, as well as working in the pit of many theatre productions,... »

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  • Reader Spotlight: Larry Lee

    Reader Spotlight: Larry Lee

    Meet Larry Lee, our player in the spotlight for December 1st, 2009. Bio: I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and in sixth grade I started doing two things (1) play football (2) play bass guitar. I am 50 now and those two things have carried me all of my life. After High School I went... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Dylan Sundstrom

    Reader Spotlight: Dylan Sundstrom

    Meet Dylan Sundstrom, our bass player in the spotlight for November 24th, 2009. Bio: A twenty year old bass player originally from Tacoma, WA. I play in several groups around Portland including sharing time with fellow bass player Damian Erskine in a band called “Intervision”. I play anything from jazz to funk to electro idie/pop.... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Stuart Clayton

    Reader Spotlight: Stuart Clayton

    Meet Stuart Clayton, our player in the spotlight for November 17, 2009. Bio: I have been a pro bassist for about eight years. During that time I have had six instructional books published with Sanctuary Publishing and worked for Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) since its first issue. I am currently the bassist with Carl Palmer’s... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Anthony Crawford

    Reader Spotlight: Anthony Crawford

    Meet Anthony Crawford, our player in the spotlight for November 10th, 2009. Bio: Born June 29th, 1981, Anthony Crawford was raised in a family of talented musicians. His father, funk and rock drummer Hubert (H bomb) Crawford has played with notable greats like James Brown, Mothers Finest, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad, The Bar-Kays,... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Derrick Lee Murdock

    Reader Spotlight: Derrick Lee Murdock

    Meet Derrick Lee Murdock, our player in the spotlight for November 3, 2009. Bio: Derrick Lee Murdock (aka DOCK) A Native of Philadelphia began playing the Bass at the age of seventeen. While most musicians consider this a late start, Derrick was able to overcome this by intensive practice and study of his favorite bassist.... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Russ Sargeant

    Reader Spotlight: Russ Sargeant

    Meet Russ Sargeant, our player in the spotlight for October 27th, 2009. Bio: I’m a bass player living near Birmingham, England – playing a fusion of Jazz and Ambient music. I write and record in my home studio and I have recently taken an outing into the wonderful world of live-looping! Location: Dudley, West Midlands,... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Dywane Thomas Jr.

    Reader Spotlight: Dywane Thomas Jr.

    Meet bassist Dywane Thomas Jr., our player in the spotlight for October 20th, 2009. Bio: I started playing bass at 4 years old, playing a right-handed bass upside down (lefty). I grew up listening to down home blues and funk, playing along with songs on the radio and different albums was how I practiced. I... »